Why does "Laguna Breeze" Hemp Relief Cream contain Arnica?

Posted by Andrew Rabey on

   What is Arnica and why we use it? Arnica is a yellow mountain flower that grows mainly in Siberia and central Europe. Arnica is most commonly used for pain caused by swelling or sore muscles, osteoarthritis, Arnica is also used for bleeding, bruising, swelling after surgery, and other conditions.

 Arnica mountain flower

 The mountain flower Arnica was probably first popularized in the late 14h century by central and north Europeans. The Germanic tribes noticed it was effective against inflammation.


 Even the Shakespeare of Germany, Goethe, appreciated the benefits of Arnica. It is said that he regularly brewed Arnica tea to help recover from a heart attack; his health eventually improved with credit in part to Arnica.

 Arnica tea

 Modern Arnica products are still very popular in Europe, and even among people in the US looking to take a Homeopathic more natural remedy to their ailments. Arnica comes in many forms even in a oral safe to digest application.


 "Laguna Breeze" Hemp relief cream contains Arnica for this reason. We add a high concentration of the mountain flower intended only for topical use. Our Hemp Relief cream with the healing properties of Arnica, Hemp and Aloe allows for a strong natural plant based solution to many skin conditions.


Such as;

  • Contusions, Bruising, abrasion
  • Irritated or inflamed skin
  • Shingles, Psoriasis, Eczema
  • Bug bites

 joint relief

And that is only to name a few.  


 Almost every day we have customers with happy experiences letting us know what they used it for and how effective it has been.  


 Andrew Patella from Tampa Florida, "I applied it onto my swollen ankle and felt immediate relief, About 50% of the pain was eliminated".